Suzanne has been writing feature film scripts and television scripts for ten years. She is the author of two feature film screenplays, which are based on her novels. Brooklyn Story, a young woman's coming of age tale in a rough and tumble Brooklyn neighborhood in the 1970s and 1980s, and Rough Cuts, an epic romantic involving three woman-action film, based on thievery in the diamond industry. Her latest two feature film scripts are A Simple Road, a story of the simple yet mystical journeys that await us all if we choose spirituality over material possessions. Gary Granite, aka, Irresistible. What happens to a man if, from the day he is born, no woman BUT ONE, can resist him. How does it corrupt him, and what does he have to change to get the one woman that wants nothing from him to notice him.

Her television endeavors include: Empire, a drama, which chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of a Wall Street tycoon and his family, and Rags to Bitches, a comedy about two best friends, who despite the complete role reversals in their lives, maintain a friendship and share laughs about their roller-coaster lifestyle in New York and their odd-couple type relationship. Both shows are written with Mr. D¹Alessandro.

Her theater endeavors include: Roman Nights marks a major Off-Broadway producing venture by Ms. Corso. This play explores the artist/muse paradigm vis-à-vis the tumultuous and dramatic life of stage and screen legend Anna Magnani and her inspirational friendship with the great playwright, Tennessee Williams.

Also, as producer for TV, Suzanne is representing a television project The Show Must Go On!, a series that chronicles the drama both on and off the stage of aspiring New York theater professionals.

As of Summer 2004, she is in pre-production of Roman Nights, the film version, where she serves as producer. And Brooklyn Story, where she serves as writer and producer. She is the founder and CEO of Samcor Productions, Inc.




Contact (Professional Matters): franco@francodalessandro.com

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