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“Franco D’Alessandro’s writing has that sense of duality I value most: volcanic passion and true purpose; emotional honesty and keen wit.” - Olympia Dukakis (Actor/Author)

"D’Alessandro creates engaging, meaningful theatre." - Timothy Ramsden (London Review)

“With a visionary scalpel grasped, perhaps, from the hands of painter Francis Bacon, Franco D’Alessandro peels back the skin of societal superficies to reveal the human heart and soul unprotected and painfully real. These are plays that stand out like Stonehenge itself.” - Bruce Smith (Author/Playwright)

“…intricate dialogue that is filled with intellect and passion…” - Frederick Winship (Associated Press/ UPI)

“Filled with big emotions…seductive…with witty and intelligent writing.” - TIMEOUT London

“A reminder of theater where the words matter! Dynamic, vibrant…offering an evening of bravura performances.” - Leo Gruenfeld (Syndicated Theater Columnist)

“(D’Alessandro’s) writing is filled with pathos and passion.” - TIMEOUT New York

“D'Alessandro constructs plays that provoke, inspire, and set the stage ablaze. From his brilliant poetic truths, which always challenge the audience to look at the way we live, to his captivating multi-layered characters, he is a 'Williams-Pirandello' hybrid for the 21st Century.” - Eva Minemar (Actors Studio/Director/Producer)

“I have read few one-act plays that are as wise and complete and uncompromising… It is healthy to be exposed to such passion!” - Gregory Abels (Director/Author)



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After two sold out Off-Off Broadway runs of THE SWEET LIFE in June 2001 and WORLDS COLLIDE - at the bottom of a glass
in Winter 2001/2002, TIME TO STORM and Suzanne Corso present Franco D'Alessandrošs MAXIMUM HAPPINESS - two inter-locking plays by the award winning playwright. This innovative evening of fresh theater will features live musical performances by Josh Joplin.

In these two interlocking plays, we discover people who live and love in states of discontentment. The very ways in which they are leading their lives is detrimental to their happiness -both as individuals and as couples. In "One Hundred Dollars Worth of Change" an engaged couple returns from a vacation in Italy and to their busy schedules and routines. A visit from a drug dealer and their ensuing conversation alters the soon-to-be husband's life. In "Venice, Again" two couples vacation together in Italy as they witness their lives and marriages crumble through lies and deception. The audience never sees the one person who connects these to plays and who -through his death- offers some chance at redemption and change.

This is the second annual production, which will be dedicated to TTS founding member, actor Kevin Cleary, who was killed
on September 11th, 2001.


"Museum Hours" - Two old old college friends who are also former lovers and comprise 'two-thirds of a love triangle' meet up in a Florence museum, one year after the other third (Brian) has died. Frank and Laura, now in their early 40's, are drawn to the museum by the force of their haunted feelings and memories. In front of Donatello's little-known but stunning 'Penitent Magdalene', the two confront the lies, demons and passions that not only involve the lover they both lost, but also tie them to each other. As their -at times heated- confessions draw the attention of an irrepressible museum guard named Raffaele, Frank and Laura simultaneously arrive at a painful yet liberating truth about the endless echo of a moment of true and intense intimacy.



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