Edward Albee is a giant and by most accounts a mythological figure in the theatre world. I first read "WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF" when I was 13. I had stolen the play from my eldest brother who was reading it his Senior year of High School. I doubt I understood much of what I read back then, but I was hooked, I often think that "VW" along with Williams' "A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE" which I read the same year, sealed my fate as a playwright. I remember getting "caught" reading them and the perplexed look on my father's face. Years later, in 1998, I was awarded my first Edward Albee residency and had the honor of spending a summer in Montauk at Albee's famous The Barn. It was an inspired August in which I took to finishing my play ROMAN NIGHTS. Two years later I would find myself again in Montauk and my conversations with Edward became more intense and involved. He is not the enigma and difficult person to figure out than many say he his. Edward is smart and funny, a great story teller, and an animal lover. (Oh the stories he can tell...the Clinton one is a doozy and so are the Liz Taylor ones) Edward Albee's genius is matched only by his generosity and devotion to helping young playwrights.

Over the years Edward has always been available to give me sound advice, attend my productions, and offer support when needed. I am grateful to know him as a great artist and playwright but also as a friend.



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