Women of great passion and commitment are, unfortunately, all too rare these days in the world of theater, which is increasingly dominated by those hungering for fame with very little to warrant a passing glance, let alone sustained scrutiny. Christina, on the other hand, commands your attention. She is a person and artist with not only a lot to say but an enormous capacity to listen. Both Christina and I understand well that our personal and professional experiences help define us but allow us a chance to continually change and grow as artists and human beings

I first encountered Christina during preparations for my very first professional Off-Off Broadway production entitled "The Song of the Crickets". We met and felt an immediate chemistry, and ever the pro, she requested to read the script for which I had her in mind. She did. She called me the next day and told me she cried when she read it. For a writer that is all one can hope to hear from an actor, to have moved them. Since then we have become the dearest of friends, offering one another a tremendous support system. We have many plans to work together, and I have written the part of Marina in my play "The Shattering" with her in mind...which we hope to finally do in 2006. Christina will appear in Maximum Happiness in the play "Venice, Again". Miss Zorich is a woman of boundless energy, infinite kindness, and endless surprises.



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